PS3 Disc Not Ejecting – Fix

If your PS3 disc isn’t ejecting strive these easy fixes first:

A force eject- Press and hold the eject button on for ten seconds. this may force the blu-ray drive to offer up the disc

If that does not work you may strive resetting your PS3. currently I extremely doubt this may work however i might strive it anyways before attempting any longer extreme measures. To reset it you place the PS3 in stand-by and press the facility button for five seconds till it beeps doubly. Then attempt to eject the disc. Hopefully this may fix your PS3 and provides you back your disc.

If none of those things solve the PS3 disc not ejecting drawback, then you will have a additional serious problem; particularly if you cannot get your disc out as a result of the PS3 will not begin absolutely. to repair your PS3 you’d wither need to send it to Sony repair it yourself.

If you send it to Sony, you’ll be charged around $150.Also you’ll need to wait 4-6 weeks to urge your PS3 back.

If you wish a less expensive and quicker thanks to get your disc out then you’ll be able to repair your PS3 yourself. however so as to try and do this you’ll want an honest PS3 repair guide.

A good PS3 repair guide is formed up of:

Safe repair methods-so you do not place yourself or your PS3 at risk
Step-by-step directions with footage and videos to assist you perceive what you’re doing
A a refund guarantee-so you’ll be able to get your a refund if it does not work